Individual, collective and church labour law

Individual labour law

  • Evaluation of sample and standard contracts
  • Labour, employment and service contracts
  • Legal consultancy on employee governance
  • Questions of occupational pensions
  • Issues of personnel provision (for example, personnel leasing)
  • Support in hiring and firing workers
  • Cancellation and settlement agreements
  • Agreement negotiations

Collective employment law

  • Drafting of company and/or service agreements
  • Support in the conclusion of company or service agreements
  • Negotiations with works and staff councils
  • Reconciliation of interests and social plan
  • Collective bargaining agreements, changes to or termination of agreements
  • Co-determination issues

Church labour law

  • Special features of the third way
  • Co-determination in accordance with co-determination laws or the staff representation ordinance
  • Representation before church conciliation boards and labour courts
  • Issues relating to supplementary church pensions