Richard Wellmann

Richard Wellmann

Lawyer, Certified Tax Advisor | Partner


Executive summary


Richard Wellmann is a lawyer, tax advisor and partner at BDO Legal. He is a member of the Commercial practice group.

The focus of his work is on structuring advice. He advises in particular from a transfer pricing perspective on intra-group cross-border issues.

Richard Wellmann studied law in Passau. 

In his free time, he spends time with his family, continues his education or plays sports.


  • Service providers 
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Chemical sector 
  • Retail and consumer goods 
  • Food
  • Logistics & maritime industries


  • Drafting of corporate agreements
  • International business law

Additional information

  • Konsul’tant po nalogam i sboram (Tax Consultant in the Russian Federation)
  • Autor der Kommentierung des DBA mit der Russischen Föderation in Wassermeyer, DBA
  • Autor des Länderteils Russische Föderation in Mennel/ Förster, Steuern in Europa, Amerika und Asien