Mass Litigation & Structured Large-Scale Projects

Mass Litigation & Structured Large-Scale Projects

Mass litigation procedures and class actions represent a new challenge for companies, with constantly growing risks. The mass assertion of similar claims through established consumer law firms and litigation-financing internet portals has become increasingly important in recent years. All industries with a large customer base or listed on capital markets are affected.

Processing a large number of similar cases requires significantly fewer personnel resources for the consumer law firms thanks to the use of software, making it an attractive business model for them. The affected companies consequently face increasingly strong attacks from a commercial litigation industry that is rapidly advancing the German and European mass litigation market.

We effectively and cost-efficiently defend against mass litigation procedures.

A key success factor in defending against mass proceedings is the combination of qualified and experienced attorneys, a clearly structured project management, and selected software solutions.

Our defense begins even before the arrival of a wave of lawsuits or claims, ideally to prevent them as far as possible. Even at this stage of the process, it is crucial to initiate the right strategic steps and technically and organizationally prepare the affected companies for the "wave."

Insofar as a contentious dispute with the consumer law firms is inevitable, we offer you maximum efficiency and quality through the software-supported processing of your mandate. Our experienced process specialists develop the right defense strategy with you and create legal documents of the highest quality. To achieve the best possible results, our process specialists thereby work with experts from the relevant legal areas.

With our handpicked pool of highly qualified and mass litigation-experienced project lawyers, large work teams are quickly available to you nationwide. Our specialists have been working with the same team for many years.

For the processing of mass litigation procedures, we have developed our own software solutions and additionally use the best solutions on the market, to offer you the highest quality and efficiency in mandate processing.

  • Automated reading of incoming legal documents and storage of predefined data points. 
  • Analysis of facts and information. 
  • Regular controlling and reporting to continuously and particularly promptly provide the management with a current overview of the overall economic risk. 
  • Development of an individual defense strategy. 
  • Individual deadline management. 
  • Process control by our experienced process attorneys. 
  • Highest professional level through collaboration with experts from relevant legal areas. 
  • Creation of template legal documents. 
  • Automated AI-based document creation. 
  • Involvement of highly qualified and experienced project attorneys in mass litigation. 
  • Continuous optimization of workflow and document management by experienced legal operations experts. 
  • Integration of client software into the overall process. 
  • Nationwide attendance at court hearings.

Mass Procedures in Public Administration

The shortage of skilled workers in public administration has been a persistent issue for years. 

The problem: The lack of skilled workers is increasing year by year, leading to a well-founded fear that the state will no longer be able to fulfill its core tasks in areas of public welfare and basic services with the necessary quality. 

A striking example of this is the introduction of the Housing Allowance Plus Act, which at the beginning of 2023 increased the number of eligible households for housing allowance from 600,000 to more than 2 million, more than tripling it. Simply said, to maintain the status quo, the number of skilled workers in housing allowance offices would also need to at least triple. 

This has not happened. But how should this obvious problem now be solved? 

Many departments have been reaching their limits for several years. The consequence: dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, overload, and an increase in sickness-related absences. Thus, the problem is getting worse. At the same time, the areas of responsibility are growing. 

As a solution, the topic of digitalization is repeatedly brought up. In particular, internal administrative processes and communication with citizens should be automated much faster than before. Fundamentally, this is the right approach. However, it is necessary first to address the current shortage of personnel. 

Our Solution Approach

Mass procedures in public administration is one of our core areas. Under the leadership of Christian Wattenberg, who has been exclusively active in this field for over 10 years, we have established several qualified teams: Lawyers cover all arising legal questions, specially trained clerks can handle large volumes of applications at the highest professional level, and software specialists develop solutions for individual improvement of work processes to increase efficiency and quality. Additionally, we have developed software products specifically tailored to public administration, with a particular focus on the analysis and evaluation of the mass processing of applications. 

Our Services for You

Through an individually configurable chatbot, inquiries from citizens on specific topics are automatically answered around the clock. Each chatbot is individually customizable, operable across multiple channels, and can communicate in several languages. This leads to a significant relief for the staff in the administration and thereby increases the efficiency of the entire work.

Our specially developed software for automated application processing reads incoming applications along with their attachments, extracts the data contained therein, and stores it in a secure data space. Even poorly scanned or handwritten application forms can be processed. The software can also perform initial plausibility and completeness checks.

Our specially trained teams review the results of the software's work. They perform the final check of the received applications for completeness and ensure that all necessary information for the decision-making process of the application is available. If this is the case, we create a proposed solution for you for further processing of the application as a basis for decision-making.

 If necessary and desired, we communicate on your behalf with the applicants and draft documents to inform the applicants about the status of their application and any documents that may need to be submitted.

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