BDO Legal offers compliance advice tailored to the respective business. Our specialists assist in professional risk analysis and the conception, implementation, and further development of a Compliance Management System (“CMS”), especially in the areas of anti-corruption/conflict of interest and antitrust law, but also for subjects such as export control and data protection law. 

In addition, our lawyers take over the position as external Chief Compliance Officers and external ombudspersons for companies. Thus, we strategically and operationally advise companies on the organization and enforcement of their CMS fulfilling their compliance responsibilities. 

Our advisory activities focus on, among other things, the following key issues: 

  • Conducting risk analyses and creating corresponding Compliance Risk Reports 

  • Reorganization of business processes in companies to ensure compliance 

  • Structuring of a CMS 

  • Design and implementation of compliance guidelines 

  • Creation of training materials and support in conducting training sessions 

  • Contract drafting with compliance considerations 

  • Establishment of compliance reporting systems 

  • Controlling, reporting, and monitoring activities in the compliance area 

  • Organizationexecution and support of internal company investigations, including related interviews. 

  • Design and implementation of whistleblower systems including taking over the position as external ombudsperson 

  • Taking over the position as external Chief Compliance Officer 

The legal requirements for doing business have been tightened considerably in recent years. A number of legal provisions and court rulings now have to be taken into account in “normal” commercial transactions. This does not only apply to mediumsize and large companies: the demands on small firms are also increasing. In many cases, however, there is a lack of human, organisational and financial resources.

Set-up of whistleblower system is mandatory

After published in the Federal Law Gazette, the Whistleblower Protection Act („HinSchG“) came into force on 2 July 2023. The basis of the HinSchG is the EU Directive of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report infringements of Union law.

With the new legal challenge, not only private employers, but also public employers are affected by its effects. In addition to authorities and administrative bodies at federal, state and municipal level, these are public associations, municipalities, municipal management companies, institutions and foundations under public law, courts and other bodies.

The Whistleblower Protection Act shall protect individuals who report statutory violations in companies or public authorities. The legal requirements for which you should make preparations at an early stage are, as of today, as follows:

  • Private and public employers with more than 50 employees must provide an internal whistleblowing system. This also applies to municipalities with at least 10,000 inhabitants.
  • The internal reporting channel must be designed, set up and operated so securely that the identity of the whistleblower and of third parties mentioned in the report remains confidential.

We take these concerns and obligations off your hands

„BDO Compliance Assistance“ enables you to fulfil the legal obligation to set up and maintain a whistleblowing system in accordance to the future Whistleblower Protection Act and in compliance with the standards.

Thereby, our web-based BDO Legal whistleblower portal ensures worldwide accessibility in all languages.

In addition, our service provides you with further practice-related assistance services.

Our services for you: 

  • Setting up a whistleblower system, including a web-based BDO Legal whistleblower portal. 

  • Criminal defense emergency call (24/7). 

  • Money laundering alert for suspicious cases (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, except on public holidays)*. 

  • IT emergency hotline**. 

  • IT security consultation (1h/month, max 3 hours/year)**. 

  • Digitalization consultation (1h/month, max 3 hours/year)**. 

  • Continuous training in the field of compliance (1 training/month). 

Your benefits: 

  • Secure transmission of information to lawyers: confidential handling of information and potential assurance of the whistleblower's anonymity. 

  • Years of experience as ombudspersons ensure practical recommendations for clarifying incoming reports. 

  • Our service (depending on the company size) is feasible in most cases for less than the cost of a lawyer's hourly rate per month. 

  • Sensitization and training of employees on all practical compliance issues. 

  • Proof of compliance activities to clients and government agencies. 

* provided by BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. 

** provided by BDO DIGITAL GmbH. 

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