Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

We always strive, through our proactive consulting, to prevent conflicts from arising in the first place and make it our goal to navigate around potential disputes between clients and third parties. If certain conflict issues cannot be resolved at the commercial level, we advocate for our clients and their interests in the relevant areas of business law, representing them both out of court and in court. 

Our lawyers, as well as our other staff, possess comprehensive expertise in all areas of litigation and all types of proceedings. For an optimal resolution of the conflict, when necessary, we collaborate with our experts from other specialties, particularly in the areas of corporate, restructuring, and insolvency law, as well as in the fields of healthcare and social economy. Due to this interdisciplinary collaboration, we can permanently rely on extensive know-how when managing the proceedings and achieving a conflict resolution that suits the client. With our conflict resolution methods, we offer our clients strategies that proactively contribute to constructive conflict resolution.

Our range of services includes everything from strategic advice in the run-up to a conflict situation, out-of-court settlement attempts, legal representation in (arbitration) court proceedings, to the effective enforcement of awarded claims after judgment issuance. 

When a conflict looms, based on a meticulous fact-finding process, we draft a litigation risk analysis and develop conflict resolution strategies and models aligned with the interests of our clients. With this foundation, we primarily aim for amicable dispute resolution and constructive conflict solutions, advising or representing our clients in negotiations of disputes with the opposing party. This is because amicable conflict resolutions can be achieved in various ways. In doing so, we exhaust all alternative methods of conflict resolution, which helps avoid protracted contentious disputes in court or arbitration proceedings that often entail significant time and high costs. 

Furthermore, amicable conflict resolution can contribute to preserving personal and business relationships. We are also available to clients for preventive conflict avoidance, supporting them through forward-thinking contract drafting and appropriate contract management. 

In contentious disputes, we first develop an effective offensive and defensive strategy together with our clients. Our litigation experts then implement this for the clients in the various stages of the proceedings. In the course of our work, we support clients in both defending against unwarranted claims and asserting existing ones. 

A particular focus of our work, and one of our core competencies, is the consultation and legal representation in corporate law disputes. Within our litigation activities, we handle both purely domestic and cross-border international legal disputes. Our areas of expertise specifically include the following matters: 

  • Nationwide representation in civil, financial, labor, and arbitration courts 

  • Disputes related to executive liability questions 

  • Post-M&A disputes 

  • Disputes among shareholders in both corporations and partnerships 

  • Disputes between shareholders and the company, including challenges and nullity actions against shareholder resolutions 

  • Budget negotiations with funding agencies and settlement procedures 

  • Negotiations with creditors and companies in crisis 

  • Contract interpretations and drafting 

  • VAT refund claims, especially in relation to finished pharmaceuticals and cytostatic preparations 

  • Challenges under the AnfG (Act on Avoidance of Transfers) 

  • Representation before integration offices and conciliation boards 

  • Regulatory legal disputes 

  • Consultation in dunning procedures 

  • Applications and legal remedies for enforcement 

  • Product and producer liability 

  • Litigation for businesses 

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