Technology, Data and Media

Technology, Data and Media

We provide cross-sectoral consultation in all matters concerning the introduction of new technologies, data protection and the utilization of new media. With us, you can leverage the challenges of digital transformation as an opportunity. 

Our client base spans various sectors - from startups, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to international corporations and public contractors. 

Our specialized team of attorneys operates from Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich, providing services beyond regional boundaries. Thus, we can not only assign technically suitable consultants to serve your concerns, but also provide personal contacts who ensure direct communication with all stakeholders, along with swift and cost-effective solutions. 

Our consulting services extend to, but are not limited to, the following points:

Digitalization is now altering nearly every aspect of our lives. Our team is here to legally guide you through these changes. This encompasses everything from structuring contractual relationships between companies or between companies and consumers, to addressing issues related to the deployment of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Blockchain, or Internet of Things (IoT). Our aim is to facilitate, not hinder the deployment of new technologies, especially concerning data economy matters, enabling data utilization, and economic operation. This includes drafting data exchange contracts, creating Data Spaces, and data trustee models. 

Specifically, our activities include:

  • Data Act - Internet of Things (IoT) 

  • Data Economy Law 

  • Digitalization of Public Transport 

  • Mobility Data 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data 

  • eCommerce

  • IT Contracts and Software License Agreements

  • Digitalization and Outsourcing Projects 

  • Digitalization of Administration 

  • Data Governance

  • Internet-based Business Models 

Data protection has gained significant importance in recent years. The unified European data protection law not only threatens companies and institutions with significant fines and compensation claims, but also the responsible individuals in executive or management positions. Data breaches severely impact the public perception of companies and institutions. 

We provide counsel in all areas of data protection law and represent the interests of our clients in extrajudicial, official, and judicial proceedings. 

Our areas of activity particularly include: 

  • Data Protection Compliance

  • Data Protection Organization 

  • External Data Protection Officer (DPO-as-a-Service)

  • Crisis Intervention in the event of Data Breaches

  • Representation before Authorities and Courts

  • Data Transfers to the USA and Third Countries

  • Data Protection in Employment Law 

  • Data Protection Audits 

  • Forensics  

Our consulting approach follows the risk-based approach laid down in the GDPR. Our goal is to make things possible within the data protection legal framework in the interest of the clients. 

Through interdisciplinary exchange and close collaboration with our German and international partners in the BDO Group, we can deliver holistic solutions. We not only develop concepts, but also support you in their implementation. 

The song “Video killed the radio star” illustrated the technological change in media 45 years ago. Since then, much more has transpired. Media content is available everywhere and at all times, with traditional linear media like radio, television, and print being replaced by non-linear and partly user-generated offerings. 

This convergence leads to regulatory challenges, as regulation trails behind technological advancement. 

New business models and questions emerge, which we legally accompany. 

Our activities particularly encompass: 

  • Reputation Management 

  • Regulatory Issues concerning Media, Advertising, and Youth Protection

  • Website Compliance and Internet-based Business Models 

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