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Dr. Christian Hampel, Lawyer | Partner

Dr. Christian Hampel

Lawyer | Partner


+49 30 885722-281


Practice areas

  • Ongoing energy law advice to energy suppliers and energy consumers on all regulatory and contractual issues
  • Energy law advice in connection with restructurings and transactions
  • Advice on issues in connection with the reduction of CO2 emissions (national and European emissions trading, including relief options)
  • Advice on generation projects (e.g. renewable energies projects, CHP plants, hydrogen production plants)
  • Advice on the use of electricity price benefits (in particular special equalization scheme and EEG self-supply) including support in the allocation of electricity quantities (development/documentation of measurement concepts) and the preparation of notifications
  • Support in the implementation of alternative energy supply models (e.g. contracting, company-owned supply company)
  • Advice on and drafting of contracts relating to energy law (e.g. project, supply, lease and management contracts)
  • Clarification of issues relating to the operation of grids, closed distribution networks and customer facilities

Teaching activities

  • European and international energy law - Lecture at  Technische Universität zu Berlin


  • Comment on §§ 21a-c, 27, 60 - 61h EEG 2021, in: Säcker, Berliner Kommentar zum Energierecht, Volume 6, 5th Edition 2021 (to come)
  • Comment on §§ 8-10 EnWG, in Elspass/Graßmann/Rasbach, EnWG, Energiewirtschaftsgesetz Kommentar, Volume 1, 1st Edition 2018 (co-authored with Julia Sack)
  • Herstellung von Wasserstoff nach der EEG-Novelle 2021 - Begrenzung der EEG-, KWKG- und Offshore-Netzumlage nach der Besonderen Ausgleichsregelung, RdE 2021, p. 125 et seq. (co-authored with Sandra Flemming and Christian Ertel)
  • Energieregulierung - Neues aus Gesetzgebung und (Behörden-) Praxis, RdE 2012 et seq. (co-authored with Sandra Flemming et al.)
  • Wann gilt Strom als von einer Person selbst verbraucht?, in: Innovatives Denken zwischen Recht und Markt, Commemorative publication for Hans-Peter Schwintowski, 2017, p. 596 et seq. (co-authored with Sandra Flemming)