We offer consultation in small teams, facilitating direct communication with all stakeholders and ensuring swift, cost-effective solutions. 

Our team of specialized attorneys based in Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich operates on a national scale. This allows us to not only offer you the most suitable advisors but also provide personal contacts for your needs. 

Our consulting services primarily focus on: 

We advise businesses on all legal questions from IT contract law, distance selling regulations, electronic commerce, to domain law, data protection, and IT security. 

We review, draft, and negotiate all types of IT contracts (including hardware, software, provider, domain, and website contracts). We also handle the legal aspects of IT projects, including their contractual design (like consultation, training, and development contracts), and create contracts and general terms and conditions for e-commerce (B2B, B2C, access providers, application service providers, web hosting, web design, maintenance, and care of websites). 

Furthermore, we provide legal support for IT outsourcing projects and the draft of the necessary contractual provisions (Software as a Service, Platform as a Service). 

In any IT law disputes, we represent our clients both out of court and in court. 

We review your website for legal compliance and advise on the implementation of legislative requirements from UrhG, TMG, and TTDSG. Our services include reviewing and assessing all internet-based business models (E-Commerce) and drafting usage terms and conditions for websites. 

We also support companies and individuals in addressing false or defamatory reporting in traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV) and modern media (the internet), as well as incorrect or disparaging reviews on rating platforms. 

For our clients, we also handle in-court and out-of-court enforcement and defense of claims related to media law, such as injunctions, corrections, and damages. Another focus is on legal support in crisis communication and reputation management. 

Trademarks are among the most valuable assets for businesses, whether it's a multinational corporation with an extensive international brand portfolio or a mid-sized company wanting to protect and expand its trademark position. Trademarks are also essential for startups as they significantly contribute to early identification with the company. 

Often referred to as a "small patent", the registered design protects new products, especially when they resemble existing products in technical terms. In this case, the design often becomes the distinguishing feature crucial for customer purchasing decisions. 

Our experts offer comprehensive advice on national and international registration of new brands and designs with institutions like the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), or the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Our services range from brand and design research, advice on potential conflicts with third-party brands, protection eligibility, extent of protection, representation with official bodies (e.g., for annulment or opposition proceedings), to defense against legal claims from third parties. 

For optimal protection of your brands and designs, we manage your portfolio, inform you about upcoming deadlines (e.g., grace periods), and notify you about the registration of similar brands and designs. 

We actively address infringements of your rights, such as unauthorized use of the brand or market launch of imitations. 

For the contractual design of your brands and designs, you can also consult us. We negotiate and draft all types of trademark and design contracts, such as licensing and transfer agreements, demarcation agreements, and design contracts. 

Domains are an indispensable marketing tool, significantly contributing to a company's business success. The domain name often goes hand in hand with the brand or company name, making it crucial to secure the appropriate domain in time and defend it against infringements by third parties. 

We research domains, offer comprehensive advice on their purchase and registration, and ensure thorough protection of your domain name. This includes out-of-court and in-court actions against domain name infringements and domain grabbing, as well as supplementary trademark and sign protection. In cases where a third party takes legal action against your domain (e.g., asserting injunction and damages claims via warnings), we handle your legal defense. 

If desired, we can manage your domain portfolio, including monitoring domain names and checking compliance with all legal, especially media, and telecommunications requirements when designing your domains. 

We also negotiate and draft all types of agreements in the domain trade law area, like domain purchase and licensing contracts or domain sharing and domain parking contracts. 

Copyright is not only an effective tool for creators to protect their achievements, but the correct assessment of copyright-related issues can also be vital for businesses. Not just companies in the creative sector deal with copyright, e.g., when granting usage licenses or agreements with authors. The extensive application and increasing digitalization mean that copyright must be considered in almost all areas of life. 

We advise on all matters related to copyright, address violations of your copyrights or copyright usage rights by third parties, and represent you both out of court and in court. Conversely, we defend you against third-party copyright claims, e.g., warnings from file sharing or photo and image use areas. 

For rights holders, we negotiate and design all types of copyright contracts, from usage and exploitation contracts to software development and licensing agreements. 

Fair competition law sets the rules for how competitors can behave in the market and aims to ensure fair competition. The importance of this law for businesses is evident as it wants to prevent loss of profit, reputation damage, and other disadvantages, and defend against unfair competitive behavior by competitors. 

Fair competition law is constantly changing and is significantly influenced by case law. Our experts advise and represent both companies and consumers in all legal issues of fair competition law, from misleading advertising and imitations to targeted obstruction of competitors. 

We review competitor products and websites, and legally address anti-competitive actions on your behalf. Our services cover both the out-of-court assertion of competition law claims and court representation in preliminary injunction and main proceedings. We also defend against warnings and lawsuits from other market participants. 

Even before competition violations occur, we offer preventive support in drafting competitive clauses and protecting your business and trade secrets. 

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