Legal Technology

Legal Technology


Rapidly advancing digitalization is presenting the legal market with new challenges. Legal Depart-ments have to achieve more and more with limited resources. Accordingly, legal departments must also dare to digitize more. Our legal technology team, consisting of lawyers, business lawyers and IT specialists, is constantly developing new strategies with the aim of replacing repetitive tasks with technology. In this way, we create the necessary freedom for our own lawyers and for our clients to be able to devote themselves to important and labor-intensive issues with the necessary care alongside their day-to-day business.

It doesn't work without legal input - but not without busi-ness output either

We can no longer imagine our working world without digital processes. There is hardly a sector in which the digital transformation has not already been initiated. For a long time, legal departments enjoyed a special status in companies. The principle was that only lawyers understood and mas-tered their work. The digital transformation now demands more transparency and efficiency in every sector, which affects the day-to-day work in all departments of a company. Legal depart-ments are called upon to clearly define their value within the company. This also means facing up to the challenges of modern times:

  • Traditional conditions are being shaken as new developments from outside are forcing their way into the corporate culture.
  • Increasing cost pressure requires a clear explanation of the contribution of the legal de-partment to the value of the company.
  • Increasingly complex regulatory challenges and changing laws require rapid adjustments.
  • Globalization requires a broader view of legislation in other jurisdictions as well.
  • Technological developments are permanently changing the way lawyers work, especially in routine tasks.

It is time for lawyers to fundamentally rethink their approach and

  • understanding change as an opportunity.
  • be prepared to react more quickly and flexibly to new requirements.
  • see themselves as value contributors and not just as cost centers within the company.
  • accept innovative processes and embrace disruptive technologies to meet growing de-mands.

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What exactly is legal tech?

The question "What is legal tech?" can be answered in many different ways and each answer can be correct in its own way. This is because there is no standardized definition of legal technology; it has evolved over the years in parallel with technological progress. Our understanding is as follows:

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We want your opinion!

Why are companies slow to push ahead with digitalization? This question is not easy to answer. Various factors, such as a lack of resources, unclear responsibilities or a lack of collaboration be-tween different business areas, contribute to a slow digital transformation in the company. But the technology itself can also become an obstacle.

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AI in the legal department

We can also do AI and even see ourselves as leaders in this field. For precisely this reason, however, we do not impose any supposed megatrends on our clients, but instead develop a feasible digitali-zation strategy together based on the status quo. The use of legal tech products should not be an end in itself, but should be targeted wherever it offers real and tangible added value.

And what happens tomorrow?

Digitalization is bringing about one of the most profound and lasting changes in the world we live in. How we communicate, reside and live - everything is changing. The challenge is to meet current and future opportunities with an open mind and to actively shape the digital future. Companies in particular are in demand in this context: they utilize technologies and thus decide which ideas will prevail on the market and which will remain a pipe dream.

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