We offer medical law consultation for all professionals working in the healthcare and social sectors, such as hospital carriers, doctors, dentists, practice networks and Medical Care Centers (MVZ). 

With our comprehensive advisory spectrum covering the entirety of medical law, combined with our years of experience and expertise, we guide our clients safely through the ever-expanding and increasingly demanding legal material. For hospital carriers we provide solutions to all topics related to the operation of their facilities, whether it concerns the commencement of operations, issues during ongoing operations, or cessation of activities. We assist doctors with all questions of professional practice and support them in contentious proceedings with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.  

We represent the legal interests of our clients, be it in court or out of court. We collaborate with them to devise a strategy for their project (*) and assist in the drafting of contracts, negotiations, and discussions with authorities, as well as in notification and approval processes. We represent our clients in court, whether it's about enforcing their claims or defending against claims made against them. This also includes defense in criminal proceedings. 

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(*) in collaboration with the experts from the Health and Social Economy Department of BDO AG Auditing Company. 

Scope of Services and Areas of Activity: 

  • Hospital planning and financing (esp. supply mandate, subsidies) 
  • Treatment contracts (GTC, elective service agreements, etc.) 
  • Billing (e.g., compensation issues for outpatient and inpatient services, room surcharges, medical service audits) 
  • Chief physician law 
  • Fee-based doctors/attending physicians 
  • Medical product law/pharmaceutical law 
  • Professional/ethical regulations for doctors and dentists (e.g., further training, competition law) 
  • Contractual doctor law for doctors and dentists (e.g., succession procedures) 
  • Compensation law for doctors and dentists (EBM, GoÄ, etc.) 
  • Economic efficiency audit/plausibility check 
  • Data protection in healthcare 
  • Hospital pharmacy 
  • Cross-sector collaboration (e.g., cooperations with practicing doctors) 
  • Doctor's liability/hospital liability 
  • Compliance/third-party funds 
  • Restructuring (e.g., mergers, outsourcing) 
  • Acquisition and sale of medical practices 
  • Establishment, operation, and termination of  
    • Group practices, joint practices, MVZ, and other medical professional practice associations 
    • Private clinics and doctor's houses

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