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  • Medical law

Medical law

Advancing digitalisation, medical and demographic developments, rising costs, changing structures, and increasing legalisation are shaping the "health market". Hardly any other industry develops and changes so quickly and exposes its players to considerable pressure to adapt and increase competition. However, only those who are familiar with the framework conditions and development trends in medicine and law can make optimal use of opportunities and potentials and at the same time avoid pitfalls.

Why medical law?

Medical law encompasses all regulations that directly or indirectly concern the practice of medicine. Thus, medical law cannot be assigned to any of the traditional branches of law. Instead, answering questions about medical law requires comprehensive knowledge of various areas of public law, civil law, and also criminal law. These include hospital planning law, hospital financing law, medical malpractice law including medical liability law, the law governing the medical profession, pharmaceutical law and also the law governing statutory health insurance (SGB V), and much more.

Are you looking for lawyers specialised in medical law?

BDO LEGAL offers medical law advice to all players in the health and social care sector, e.g. hospital operators, doctors, dentists, practice networks, and medical care centers (MVZ).

With our comprehensive range of advice covering the entire field of medical law and our many years of experience and expertise, we will guide you safely through the ever more extensive and increasingly demanding legal material. We offer hospital owners solutions to all issues in connection with the operation of their facilities, regardless of whether they are dealing with the start of operations, issues during ongoing operations, or the termination of activities. We support doctors in all questions of professional practice and accompany them in contentious proceedings with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

Our broad range of services in medical law includes in particular

  • Hospital planning and hospital financing (in particular supply mandate, and subsidies)
  • Treatment contracts (AVB, elective service agreements, etc.)
  • Billing (e.g. questions of remuneration for outpatient and inpatient services, room supplements, audits by the medical service)
  • Law governing chief physicians
  • Honorary physicians/legal doctors
  • Medical product law/pharmaceutical law
  • Professional law/legal status of doctors and dentists (e.g. further training, competition law)
  • Contract law for doctors and dentists (e.g. reappointment procedures)
  • Remuneration law for doctors and dentists (EBM, GoÄ, etc.)
  • Performance audits/plausibility checks
  • Data protection in health care
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Cross-sectoral cooperation (e.g. cooperation with physicians in private practice)
  • Medical liability/hospital liability
  • Compliance/third-party funding
  • Restructuring (e.g. merger, outsourcing)
  • Acquisition and sale of medical practices
  • Establishment, operation, and termination of
    • Joint practices, practice groups. MVZs and other medical professional associations
    • Private clinics and medical centers

We look after your legal interests, whether in or out of court. We develop a strategy for your project(*) with you and support you in drafting contracts, negotiations, and discussions with authorities as well as in notification and approval procedures. We assert your claims in court, defend claims brought against you and defend you in criminal proceedings.

(*) in cooperation with the experts of the health care and social economy department of BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.