We support businesses and entrepreneurs comprehensively and tailor-made in implementing their business models. In this regard, we offer legal advice – often in an international context – through all stages, from market entry planning to the establishment of the company, assistance in day-to-day business, and up to the cessation of activities. A deep understanding of the company's business model is the basis for our consulting approach. Long-term client relationships, in particular, lead to especially efficient solutions to legal challenges.  

We have extensive experience in drafting terms and conditions, purchase or supply contracts, service agreements, and production arrangements. We also provide specialized advice on the legal aspects of e-commerce, product and producer liability, selective distribution, and franchising. 

Our commercial and corporate legal advisory portfolio also encompasses the establishment and legal support of companies or their shareholders throughout all stages of business activity. 

Lastly, in the legal areas we offer, we assist in both out-of-court and in-court disputes. 

We advise companies on the drafting and negotiation of individual contracts, as well as on the creation and updating of General Terms and Conditions. 

For successful contract drafting, it is imperative that each contractual provision is tailored to the specific needs of the company. This includes taking into account the unique aspects of the respective subject matter of the contract and the contracting party, as well as implementing often complex technical processes. When drafting and negotiating contracts, we always keep in mind the legal requirements, such as those related to sustainability and supply chains.

General Terms and Conditions are crucial tools in business dealings, both with other businesses and with consumers. They are instrumental in defining the business relationship and, notably, in limiting one's own liability. Given that the law governing Terms & Conditions is subject to ongoing changes due to case law, it's advisable to regularly review and adapt existing terms to prevent any unintended ineffectiveness of intended limitations of one's obligations. Terms & Conditions can be envisioned in various forms, such as purchase, sales, delivery, or distribution conditions.  

With our expertise in commercial and corporate law, we accompany companies and entrepreneurs from the preparation of their business activities and provide comprehensive advice on legal questions in the daily business operations.

A crucial point of our commercial law consulting is the structuring of distribution networks. Contracts for distributors, commercial agents, as well as franchise agreements require clear and enforceable provisions due to the intricacies of distribution law.

At the same time, we advise entrepreneurs on establishing the institutional framework for business activities. Following the selection of the appropriate legal form, we assist in founding a new capital or partnership company or, if advantageous, in acquiring a corresponding shelf company. 

For this purpose, we draft all necessary documents (e.g., articles of association, resolutions, registrations, shareholder agreements), prepare notary appointments, and, if desired, represent clients in notarization appointments. Furthermore, we assist in determining the economically entitled parties of a company and their mandatory registration in the transparency register. 

Moreover, we assist in the structuring of corporate contracts (domination and profit transfer agreements, cash pool agreements, etc.), voting agreements, and rules of procedure for corporate bodies. 

Participation agreements within the existing group of shareholders or for the inclusion of new investors, as well as cooperation agreements with third parties (e.g., joint venture agreements), are significant instruments for business growth and are tailored by us to meet specific needs. 

In addition, we undertake ongoing corporate law consulting and "corporate housekeeping". Thus, we facilitate, among other things, amendments to the articles of association, capital measures, changes in the management, etc., by drafting the respective documents, including necessary resolution templates. 

Should an existing company be dissolved, we support the preparation and execution of the liquidation process. 

It is well known that, due to advanced globalization, sales and supply chains no longer end at national borders. 

We have profound expertise in advising on cross-border issues. We have many years of experience in commercial and corporate law, both in advising foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business presence in Germany and in assisting German entrepreneurs who wish to expand their activities abroad. 

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Dr. Dirk Elbert, Diplom Finanzwirt (FH)

Dr. Dirk Elbert, Diplom Finanzwirt (FH)

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