Energy Law

Energy Law

Decarbonization, decentralized supply concepts, digitalization, renewable energies, energy efficiency, electromobility, sustainability and hydrogen: energy law is constantly presenting new challenges. We follow current developments and challenges in energy law and specialize in regulatory and contractual issues relating to the supply of electricity, gas and district heating as well as energy-intensive industries.

We know the economic context and therefore find answers to complex energy law issues as well as solutions for the day-to-day business of energy suppliers, grid operators, storage operators, (decentralized) plant operators, project developers, prosumers, public companies, real estate companies and commercial/industrial energy consumers as well as companies in the healthcare sector.

If required, we work in interdisciplinary teams with specialists from other service and consulting areas to provide you with comprehensive advice on legal, tax, commercial and technical issues.

Our range of services in energy law includes the following main areas of advice in particular:

Energy industry law is characterized by a large number of legal requirements and regula-tions. In a constantly changing energy sector, market players are faced with complex chal-lenges. Our team will navigate you through the regulatory environment and advise you on the associated issues.

Our main areas of advice:

  • Advice on all regulatory and contractual issues at all stages of the value chain (generation, sales, etc.)
  • Advice on fundamental energy industry and regulatory issues and framework condi-tions
  • Advice on the implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Supporting public and private players from the energy sector in the implementation of projects
  • Advice on grid fees, grid access, grid connection and grid operation
  • Advice on grid regulation issues (e.g. grid fee regulation, unbundling, grid usage and grid connection) and smart metering 
  • Advice on concession award procedures, grid cooperations and grid takeovers 
  • Support with the implementation of alternative energy supply models (e.g. con-tracting, company-owned supply company) 
  • Advice on energy law in connection with restructuring and transactions 
  • Representation before the authorities and in disputes 
  • Handling special energy law issues (e.g. insolvency of energy suppliers) 

Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important alongside conventional en-ergy sources. As a central instrument of the energy transition, renewable energy law is sub-ject to constant change and development. We specialize in the particular challenges of the dynamic and complex framework conditions in the field of renewable energies.  

Our main areas of advice:

  • Advice on all regulatory and contractual issues along the value chain in the renew-able energy sector
  • Advice on project development (e.g. renewable energy generation projects, CHP plants, hydrogen production plants)
  • Advice on the promotion and remuneration of EEG and KWKG plants
  • Advice on the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG)
  • Advice on claiming electricity price concessions (e.g. reduction of levies by means of special equalization scheme)
  • Representation before the authorities and in disputes

Climate protection law at international, European and national level is creating major changes and transformations in the regulatory landscape. Regulatory transformation pro-cesses entail particular risks and opportunities for the players concerned. Our team advises and supports you on regulatory developments and changes in the sectors. 

Our main areas of advice:

  • Advice on issues relating to the reduction of CO2 emissions (e.g. national and Euro-pean emissions trading, including relief options) 
  • Advice on energy efficiency issues  
  • Advice on emissions trading issues 
  • Advice on climate protection measures 
  • Advice on transformation processes, sustainability and decarbonization

Energy contract law forms an essential part of energy law. Contractual regulations are of particular importance due to the dynamics and complexity of the sector. A large number of rules and regulations must also be observed when drafting contracts. We advise you with practical and innovative solutions for drafting your contracts. 

Our main areas of advice:

  • Advice on and drafting of energy law contracts (e.g. project, supply, lease and oper-ational management agreements, PPAs) 
  • Advice on energy trading 
  • Advice on drafting contracts in the context of decentralized energy supply concepts 
  • Advice on drafting contracts in the context of project development, e.g. for renewa-ble energy plants, plants for electricity and/or heat generation, generation plants and infrastructure for hydrogen

Planning and environmental law issues play a decisive role in the development and imple-mentation of energy projects. The multitude of national and EU legal requirements is sub-ject to constant change, sometimes with extensive amendments. As a result, complex is-sues relating to planning and environmental law arise during the planning and approval process. Our team supports your projects from the planning stage through to implementa-tion.

Our main areas of advice: 

  • Advice on planning and approval procedures for energy projects
  • Advice on approval and certification procedures
  • Advice on planning and environmental law issues relating to energy projects
  • Advice on public law contracts
  • Advice in proceedings before the authorities and courts

Depending on the issue at hand, we also work with our cooperation partner BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and put together interdisciplinary teams of specialists with indus-try experience in the energy sector.

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