Real Estate

Real Estate

We provide our clients with expert advice on all matters related to real estate. This includes real estate transactions, project development, and all aspects of construction and architectural law, commercial lease law, land register law, and neighborhood law. A particular focus is on projects in the field of renewable energies, including wind and solar parks. Additionally, we are involved in out-of-court settlements, and, if unavoidable, litigation in the real estate sector. 

Throughout our engagements, we always keep an eye on the economic and strategic interests of our clients. To us, this means providing tailor-made solutions instead of "off-the-shelf" products. 

Besides our extensive experience, our team stands out due to our excellent connections with colleagues from all other relevant departments, such as property valuation, BDO Technical and Environmental Consulting (BDO TUC), and real estate-related tax consulting. These connections enable us to process mandates swiftly and cost-effectively. 

Of course, we also have outstanding relationships with notaries experienced in real estate matters, ensuring we can successfully address time-sensitive and complex concerns. 

Esteemed clients like the ZEIT Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius have already trusted us with their real estate transactions. This includes advising on the purchase of a medical center with practice rooms and residential and commercial units in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg for a significant multi-million amount. We also legally advised on the acquisition of one of the first boarding houses for apprentices in Germany and various other properties.  

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice on project developments at all stages, from purchasing suitable real estate, demolishing old buildings, applying for building permits, concluding construction and architectural contracts, designing and negotiating lease agreements, to the contract documentation for the sale of the property.  

Another primary focus of our services is advising on all matters related to commercial lease law. We draft and negotiate lease contracts and review existing leases for legal risks, for instance, as part of due diligence checks. Here too, our advisory approach is successful, offering clients pragmatic and results-oriented solutions. Many clients have trusted us for years.  

Projects in the renewable energy sector form another core area of our consultation. We have successfully provided legal advice to national and international clients on wind and solar park projects. Our primary involvement in this area is transactions. 

Here too, our excellent connections to other departments involved in the "Renewable Energies" topic prove beneficial. 

In the past, industrial heavyweights like OBTON A/S and Hamburger Energiewerke (HEW), as well as municipal utilities like Stadtwerke Schwedt, have entrusted us with their projects. 

We also assist our clients with issues in construction and architectural law. Our services include drafting and negotiating construction and architectural contracts for all types of properties.  

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